Fuller Furniture is on the move


After four decades of business at its Forrest Avenue premises, Fuller Furniture is moving to a new premises at nine Dodson Road in Glen Iris tomorrow. Reimagined from Rumens and Co Auctioneers (now in Busselton) into Fuller Furniture in 1991, Russell and Rajes Fuller ran the business until 1998 before moving on in life and opening multiple other businesses outside of Bunbury. Two decades on, Fuller’s has changed hands three times since then and has been under the ownership of Ben and Kris Plumb as of September 2008. With their backgrounds in carpentry and hairdressing respectively, combined with a mutual love of people, family and community, Ben and Kris have seized a great opportunity to grow and expand their business with the new Dodson Road premises being over twice the size of their current address. The front right shed will open tomorrow, rear shed in July- August and the third shed later in the year – all under The Fuller’s banner. “It’s time for a new location, new look, new beginnings and new growth,” Mrs Plumb said. The new location in Glen Iris is only a four minute drive from the old address on Forrest Avenue, with Ben and Kris keen for their business to remain in their lifelong hometown. “The team are all out for a new beginning,” Mrs Plumb said. When asked about her own emotions on moving, Mrs Plumb said she was sad to be leaving as there was a real sense of community with many of the other businesses on Forrest Avenue. “We’ve become like a big family,” she said. “Go West, Bunbury Mitsubishi, BP Parklands, Bunbury Jeep – we all help each other out here and there when we can.” At their new address, Fuller Furniture’s neighbours will be new and used truck dealership Bunbury Trucks – their original neighbours a decade ago. “It’s gone full circle,” Mrs Plumb said. “They were great neighbours back in the day.” Fuller Furniture’s reopening will be at 9am tomorrow morning.